What are Disposable Shisha Pens?

Disposable shisha pens are handheld, electronic devices that contain a liquid heated to produce a safe, flavoursome vapour that is inhaled through the mouth. They’re designed to replicate the relaxing, pleasurable sensation of smoking a shisha pipe, but without the expense, the health risk, or having to sit in one place to enjoy it.

As the name suggests, disposable shisha pens are designed to be easily disposed of when used, providing up to 600 puffs for each one. So, not only are they superior to the traditional shisha experience in many ways, but they’re also more cost-effective.

Disposable shisha pens are healthier

Smoking shisha is a tradition that has survived for hundreds of years, originating in the Middle East. As both a recreational and social activity, thousands of friends have sat around the hookah pipe and enjoying the alluring scent, not to mention the flavourful taste. However, smoking shisha tobacco is not only unhealthy, like regular cigarette tobacco, it poses significantly more risk to you.

Smoking shisha tobacco increases the level of tar, nicotine, carbon monoxide, and even toxic heavy metal particles that you’re inhaling. When you burn the tobacco, this combustion of the material produces many more toxins, too, including huge amounts of carcinogens.

Because disposable shisha pens use liquids that are vaporised, none of those toxins are produced. Furthermore, there’s no tar, no carbon monoxide, and none of the nicotine found in shisha tobacco. As such, it’s much healthier for you than traditional hookah pipes, while still delivering the same flavour.

 Disposable shisha pens aren’t addictive

Nicotine is a stimulant created naturally in a wide range of plants, including tobacco, and is inhaled when tobacco is chewed or combusted. While it is not as harmful as the carbon monoxide and heavy metal particles that smokers inhale, it is highly addictive, which leads to the tobacco dependency that leads so many people to be unable to quit cigarettes in the first place.

Nicotine is, in fact, so strong a stimulant that it’s considered at least as difficult as opioids to quite. As such, disposable shisha pens are designed to give no nicotine when you inhale. There’s no risk of becoming addicted to them or of developing a nicotine dependency that could lead you to use cigarettes. Only the flavour of the vaporised hookah liquid.

 Disposable shisha pens are more convenient

As small as they are, disposable shisha pens can carry around easily and are discreet enough to keep hidden in your pocket. Furthermore, since using electronic devices isn’t as heavily frowned upon in social spaces as smoking tobacco is, you can enjoy it in a much wider variety of locations. Some places will still restrict shisha pen use, but it’s not illegal in public settings.

Furthermore, shisha pens are much less of a nuisance to other people than shisha tobacco. The tar in shisha tobacco makes it stick to fabrics, which means the odour can be quite hard to get rid of. With shisha pens, not only is there no tar, but it dissipates in the air within seconds. As such, no lingering odours.

Furthermore, this quick dispersal means that there is also no risk of second-hand smoke when you’re using a disposable shisha pen.

Disposable shisha pens aren’t quite the same as e-cigarettes

Shisha pens are built using the same technology that e-cigarettes are made with. However, that doesn’t mean they’re exactly the same. There are a few key differences between disposable shisha pens and e-cigarettes. Here, we’re going to break them down:

  • There’s no nicotine in shisha pens. E-cigarettes are often used to help smokers quit, so they still tend to deliver nicotine.
  • Shisha pens are designed to be disposed of after they are used. E-cigarettes are designed to be used more frequently, so they are reusable.
  • Shisha pens usually have to be inhaled to be activated. Which e-cigarettes, you normally have to push a button to activate it.

 Disposable shisha pens could be just what you need

Shisha pens aren’t for everyone. If you’re someone who is trying to cut off cigarettes, to manage your nicotine intake while you wean yourself off of tobacco, then reusable e-cigarettes could be the better option for you. They also you to choose e-cigarette liquids of different nicotine levels, cutting down slowly until you can quit completely.

If you’re someone who enjoys the relaxing sensation and the taste of hookah tobacco, but you want an option that’s healthier, more cost-effective, and contain zero nicotine, then disposable shisha pens could be just the right thing for you.