Shisha Tobacco

What is the Best Shisha Tobacco?

Shisha tobacco, or just shisha, is a nickname for Mu’assel, a type of sweetened tobacco that is used in hookah pipes (water pipes that are used for smoking tobacco). Though raw tobacco was traditionally used in hookah, it was difficult to burn and use so shisha took its place.


Shisha flavours come in many different varieties. Therefore “the best” shisha is a matter of opinion, though there are some Shisha brands and flavours that are more popular.¬†Popular shisha tobacco brands include Starbuzz Shisha, Tangiers Shisha, Azure Tobacco, Fumari Shisha, Al-Waha Shisha, Khalil Mammoon, Lavoo Shisha, Social Smoke, Alchemist Shisha, Haze Tobacco, Nakhla Tobacco, Trifecta Shisha, Adalya Tobacco, and Al Fakher.

Shisha mix

Popular shisha tobacco flavours include mint, vanilla, apple, watermelon, blueberry, cedar, citrus, gummi bear, canteloupe, orange, orange sherbert, blueberry muffin, chai, grape, tea, cane mint, lemon, cappuccino, pina colada, and pineapple. Overall, though, the best shisha varieties are considered to be the ones that last the longest in a hookah, have a rich, full smell and taste, and leave a thick, lasting cloud of smoke upon exhalation. Typical brands can last from as little as 45 minutes to as long as 2 or 3 hours.

Depending on your taste, the best shisha tobaccos create a “buzz” a tingling sensation in the mouth and head. Also, it is considered good when a shisha tobacco flavour can be mixed with other flavours, creating a blend in the burning portion of the hookah vessel that can not be matched.

Can you Buy Shisha Tobacco Online?

Yes, you can. There are a number of companies that sell shisha to individuals online, and this includes large multipurpose retailers (like, speciality stores that sell different brands of shisha tobacco and hookah products (like, and the shisha tobacco-producing companies themselves (like Starbuzz, Lavoo, or Tangiers Shisha).

Typically, shisha tobacco is sold online in small individual containers (ranging from 100 grams to 1 kilogram in weight) or sample packs by brand. Users on many sites can write reviews based on flavour, duration, and the overall quality of the product based on its brand advertising. For most websites, you must be 21 or older to view and purchase shisha tobacco products.

On sites that sell multiple brands, you can typically click through to a more detailed description of the shisha tobacco product. You can also select the quantity that you want to purchase and select multiple products at a time. Tax and shipping costs apply and shipping durations and costs may differ from retailer to retailer.

Some brick-and-mortar hookah speciality shops also have online catalogues that sell shisha tobacco. This may be more suitable as it might cost a little less (in shipping) to buy online from local shops.


Shisha tobacco products come in a variety of brands, flavours, sizes, and varieties. Though perceived quality varies by taste, the best shisha tobaccos are long-lasting, aromatic, and flavorful. You can purchase shisha tobacco at a number of online stores, so shop around to find the best shisha tobaccos for you.