Shisha Starter Kit

The options among the vast majority of people about what is shisha starter kit diversify a little bit, but of course, this depends on who you ask. But let’s make one thing crystal clear – there are just a couple of basic items without which smoking hookah cannot be enjoyed.

We’ve pulled together the necessary shisha starter kit in order to help you – keep reading.

 A Quality Hookah – The Most Important Shisha Starter Kit

A quality hookah can be defined as a centrepiece of every single setup. Hence, you need to check out if it comes with or without the following (appropriate) accessories. Basic models generally come only with half of the parts, but it should be enough for a shisha starter kit.

To start enjoying immediately, your Shisha starter kit needs to have:

  • Ash plate
  • Hose with mouthpiece
  • And tobacco bowl

Suitable Hookah Tobacco

Many shisha experts recommend flavoured shisha with an ideal percentage of moisture. It is in charge of making your experience way easier and convenient. Otherwise, you will need to buy glycerine or molasses in order to dampen your tobacco.

If it is way too dry when you start enjoying your smoking, smoke and taste could decrease extremely. For those who are looking for nicotine-free smoke, they could try to use Shiazo stones or steam pastes as they are a good alternative to shisha tobacco.

Chimney Bowl, resp. Aluminum Foil

Tight the foil over your tobacco cup, which you previously filled with tobacco. Then you have to pierce this foil in order to make some holes. And then put the hookah charcoal over the penetrated foil. On the other hand, it is much easier with a chimney bowl. All it takes is to put it on top of the filled tobacco bowl, and once you do that, put the flowing coal into it and start enjoying your day.

Hookah Charcoal

When it comes to hookah charcoal, you can choose between two options. QL (Quick Lighting Coal) and NC (Natural Charcoal). But we highly recommend choosing the natural coal that is made from coconut shells. It is hotter and glows far longer than QL one, and it almost does not have any strange flavour (which is important for those who want the true taste of tobacco).

Cleaning Brush

Last but not least. Once you are done enjoying the hookah, the very first thing you should do is to clean it thoroughly for hygiene reasons. In order to do that, you need to disassemble it completely.

A thin and elongated cleaning brush can do wonders when it comes to cleaning. It helps you to completely remove residues and stains after smoking. Along with this, all hookah pieces should be rinsed with particular water – lukewarm water – if you wanna make it really clean.

Bottom Line

If you do not feel like choosing the right accessories to start your smoking, you can always look for complete sets and make your journey easier, without hassle.

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