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Shisha pipe is also known as a hookah or qalyān and is an instrument with several stems used to heat, then vaporize and smoke tobacco, flavoured tobacco, or sometimes cannabis. The shisha pipes have their origins in the Middle East and part of Asia.

How to Use a Shisha Pipe

Before you can use your shisha pipe, you will need to set it up. Clean your base, then pour cold water into it. After that, you should insert the pipe into the glass base and connect the hoses. Place the metal tray on top of the pipe and then a shisha-filled bowl on top of it. Make sure that you cover the bowl with heavy-duty foil then poke several holes in it. Light the coals so that they can heat the shisha and you can enjoy smoking it.

The coals are supposed to heat the tobacco until it smokes. That smoke bubbles through the water in the glass base and rises into the hoses. You can then inhale it through the mouthpiece fitted to your pipe. Shisha contains tobacco, mixed with fruit and molasses, so the smoke has a fragrant sweet smell. These shisha flavours include apple, mint, strawberry, and cola. You must take it slow for the first few inhales as you get acquainted with the flavours. Instead of hot coals, you can use wood or charcoal to heat your shisha. Ensure that the wood, charcoal or coal is glowing hot to have the best shisha experience.

Is a Shisha Pipe Legal in the UK?

Shisha Pipes are legal in the UK, and so is the sale of shisha tobacco. That noted the restrictions that apply to cigarette smoking also apply to shisha smoking. It is, therefore, illegal to smoke shisha in a non-smoking zone in a restaurant or outside. For establishments that have a shisha bar or allow smoking, they must provide a well-ventilated room. If people are found smoking in a smoke-free building, the owner and manager will be fined up to £2500 for the crime and £1000 for not displaying a no-smoking sign.

For businesses that sell shisha, the law prohibits the sale of illegally imported shisha. Keep your invoices to ensure that you can prove that your shisha is legal when the police or other public officers question you. It is also illegal to supply children under 18years with shisha tobacco. Any business that sells shisha should have notices that proclaim “It is illegal to supply tobacco products to anyone under the age of 18” If you run a shisha bar, ensure that you label all the pipes that contain tobacco. Make that your staff checks that all your customers are above 18 years.

Is a Shisha Pipe Bad for You?

Shisha just like cigarettes contains nicotine, carbon monoxide, tar, and heavy metals such as lead and arsenic. Shisha smoking has, therefore, been associated with the same adverse effects as cigarette smoking. Remember, smoking tobacco increases your risk of getting lung, mouth, and throat cancer. It can also affect your lung function and cause bronchitis and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. Furthermore, smoking tobacco also makes you more likely to develop heart problems such as a heart attack. It will also make chronic conditions such as diabetes worse and increase the risk of healthy adults developing type 2 diabetes.

You can get all the above health problems if you smoke shisha and they are likely to be more serious. That is because an hour of shisha smoking is equal to 100 cigarettes in terms of the toxins inhaled. It is essential to note that second-hand shisha smoke is also harmful because it contains toxins and harmful particles. Due to the presence of tobacco in shisha, it is habit-forming and addictive. Bear in mind that even tobacco-free shisha is harmful. That is because the smoke contains toxins, including carbon monoxide, that could have adverse effects on your health.

Shisha is an excellent alternative to cigarettes and has a pleasant smell and taste. Ensure that you obey the law regarding the use of shisha pipes in the UK and make sure your shisha is from a reliable importer. Remember that shisha contains tobacco which can be harmful to your health.