Everything a Shisha Kit Should Come With

Whether you are an established customer or just getting started in the world of shisha pipe smoking there’s no denying the special appeal it has over the alternatives. From the range of shisha flavours to the basic function of the pipe everything about it just feels new and unique. So it’s easy to get invested in this new way to smoke.

That said if you plan to begin you will need a good shisha kit of your own so you can smoke at your leisure. Today we’ll be focusing on what makes a good shisha kit so you can start with the right foot. Shisha kits are nothing complex but getting the proper one will improve your opinion so let’s not leave anything to chance.

A Good Quality Hookah

While the shisha tobacco itself is where the different flavours and textures come from they aren’t worth much without access to a good hookah or shisha pipe. A hookah pipe is quite simply a water pipe that is used to heat the shisha as well as to deliver the smoke to a hose for your consumption.

Choosing the right hookah is vital because a subpar design can cause a loss of smoke or an uneven heating process. A traditional design is usually the best when starting as you can expect the craftsmanship to be up to par. Hookahs with multiple hoses are usually a bad idea as they affect performance, and for materials, while solid brass is the traditional choice properly electroplated stainless steel works perfectly fine as well.

High-quality Shisha

Of course, there isn’t much you can do with a shisha kit if it doesn’t come with any shisha. When it comes to choosing the right brand of shisha tobacco it can be a trial and error process. The key consideration as always should be the reputation of the brand. Steer away from kits that don’t specify flavour or components, you have every right to know what you are putting into your body.

Light fruity flavours are usually the most popular and plentiful and a good choice for first-timers. They provide a good introduction to what you can expect from shisha pipe smoking but aren’t likely to be too heavy to put you off from any further sessions. Finding the right flavour for you will take some time but as long as you get good quality shisha you’ll have a pleasant experience even if it’s not the perfect match.

Go for durability over portability

With shisha smoking becoming more popular and more social many shisha kits opt to offer a portable experience you can bring to parties or even to bars. However, as we mentioned above performance is closely tied to the shape and build of your hookah and these portable hookahs often provide a subpar performance.

While shisha pens and smaller hookahs are appealing in various circumstances you should never pick one as your main pipe, the experience will simply be inferior and if you are planning to smoke shisha regularly you want a good hookah, not just one that is easy to carry. Ultimately tradition is best and as long as you go for a quality build you’ll be on the right track.

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