Shisha Flavours

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Shisha has become popular among young people nowadays. Its cool taste, shape, and design are why shisha pipes are all the craze at the moment. It is not surprising to meet young people enjoying shisha in the streets and entertainment joints. Keep reading to learn everything about shisha flavours.

What is Shisha Flavour?

Flavoured shisha is a combination of tobacco, honey or any other binding agent like glycerin and molasses. Flavourings, including fruits and juices, are added. Flavoured shisha is available in two categories, including blonde shisha and unwashed shisha. Let us take a closer look at the two types of shisha flavours below:

Dark Leaf Shisha

Dark leaf shisha is also known as black leaf shisha. It is produced using unwashed tobacco leaves. This means that the leaf maintains the full nicotine content. Black leaf shisha is usually flavoured using molasses. That is the reason why this type of shisha has a dark colour. It also contains earthy tobacco notes and a high nicotine buzz factor. This type of shisha is ideal for experienced shisha smokers due to its high nicotine buzz factor. Moreover, it is recommended to smoke when densely packed in the bowl.

Blonde Leaf Shisha

Blonde leaf shisha is also called washed shisha and golden leaf shisha. The tobacco leaves are washed when producing blonde leaf shisha. This means that it contains little amounts of nicotine in the leaf. Washed shisha is usually flavoured using honey. That is the reason why this type of shisha is light coloured. Moreover, blonde shisha has a reduced nicotine buzz factor with a cloud output and full flavour. Smoke it when loosely packed.

What are the most popular Shisha Flavours?

  • Apple
  • Peach
  • Blueberry
  • Grape
  • Mint
  • Water Melon
  • Mint
  • Lemon
  • Rose

Is Flavoured Shisha Harmful?

young people smoking shishaThe growing popularity of flavoured shisha has created an endless debate. Although most individuals insist smoking flavoured shisha is less risky than cigarette smoking, the reality is that shisha flavours contain the same toxicants found in cigarettes. Significant amounts of tar, nicotine, and carbon monoxide have been found in inhaled flavoured shisha.

Recent studies have proved that a single session of smoking flavoured shisha contains far more toxicants than a cigarette smoking session. This is because individuals tend to smoke flavoured shisha longer than cigarettes. To put it in perspective, individuals inhale about 9,000ml of smoke when smoking flavoured shisha and 500ml when smoking cigarettes. Moreover, flavoured shisha contains more nicotine, tar, and carbon monoxide compared to cigarettes.

Shisha tobacco smokers expose users to more carcinogens than cigarettes. As such, smoking flavoured shisha has the same health effects as cigarette smoking. The health effects of shisha flavours include lung cancer, respiratory diseases, bladder, oral, stomach, and oesophagus cancer. Flavoured shisha users also expose their children to respiratory diseases, artery-clogging, and heart diseases.

Moreover, smoking flavoured shisha puts the health of those near you at risk since it produces secondhand smoke. The secondhand smoke has carbon monoxide, ultrafine particles, and respirable particles.

With shisha flavours becoming popular, the chances are that you are thinking about joining the masses. While it is a great social encounter, it is crucial to remember that irresponsible smoking can lead to devastating health repercussions, including lung cancer and respiratory diseases. Smoke shisha flavours in designated areas to protect your loved ones.