Shisha Bundle And New Shisha Alternative Bundles

Shisha bundles for Hookah Pipe smoking have become all the rage in the Hookah smoking community. New producers of the Shisha tobacco/alternative herb have worked wonders with creating better alternatives to the harmful originals that were extremely addicting. Striving to overcome the bad reputation of shisha smoking and bringing the product back to popularity with their new herbal alternatives and nicotine-free products, we believe they have. And it shows.

Amazing Technology

With the amazing technology available to tobacco manufacturers, growers, and flavour-enhancing gurus like Hydro it has become possible to create a special “tobacco-free” formulae that is a much healthier alternative to the original. This new formula has been flying off the shelves and is trying to catch up with supply for the over demand. . (I recommend Shisha bundles if you smoke with friends much.)

Who Uses Shisha?

Common users are usually the same people who enjoy vaping. Shisha has been around for hundreds of years. Made for use in the hookah pipe as a social experience and still practised widely in the Middle East it’s making a comeback here in America in a big way. The new producers geared the new and improved products towards vaping fans because they prefer the bold flavours and wide selections of vaping products that these Shisha products were mirrored after. Although some pretty popular stars are into the hookah experience now such as

  • Shaquille O’Neal
  • Mike Tyson
  • Miley Cyrus
  • Drake
  • Post Malone

Since Shisha is a social smoking experience and designed to be smoked using a hookah pipe with friends you can now buy a Shisha Bundle for convenience.

How Do You Smoke Shisha?

Hydro is one company that has brought the product back better than ever making it more enjoyable. Reducing the risks associated with the original product. Leaving all the good flavours and sheer enjoyment of smoking with friends. Shisha/ Shisha alternatives, usually disappear pretty quickly after a night with friends. (Good thing they have Shisha Bundles) It goes quick. Shisha tobacco and also its herbal alternatives are designed specifically for hookahs.

The Shisha tobacco/herbs are meant for smoking with groups while using a hookah pipe and not necessarily singular smoking. The tobacco/herb is placed into the bowl of the hookah and heated over wood, coal, or charcoal while suction drags the smoke through the water chamber inside the base to cool it. The smoke then travels through a long hose(s) or tube(s) past a mouthpiece where it is then inhaled and then exhaled.

How do I Get Shisha Bundles for My Hookah?

The best way is on-line or at your local smoke or vape shop. I have included links below to some new producers of Shisha and Shisha alternatives who have worked miracles with the product. Enjoy and try out some of the new flavours.

Here’s a list of some of the more brands & flavours:

  • Hydroponics – Peach Flavor
  • Aurora – Pineapple Flavor
  • Tropical Storm – Mango Flavor
  • Les DEUX – Double Apple Flavor
  • Red Lightening – Strawberry Flavor
  • Qing Rubus – Blue Raspberry Flavor
  • Blue Viper – Blueberry Flavor
  • Electric X – Wild Berry Flavor
  • Jolly Molly – Watermelon Flavor
  • Hurricane – Mixed Fruit flavour
  • Kali Drizzle – Herbal Molasses

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