starter kit

Shisha Starter Kit

The options among the vast majority of people about what is shisha starter kit diversify a little bit, but of course, this depends on who you ask. But let’s make one thing crystal clear – there are just a couple of basic items without which smoking hookah cannot be enjoyed. We’ve pulled together the necessary …

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beginners shisha

Complete Beginners Shisha Guide

So you are thinking of starting out with hookah, but you have a lot of questions. Do not worry. We have all been there, and that is why we made this beginner shisha guidance, which needs to help you with what you are looking for. Let’s assume that you do not know absolutely anything about the …

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hookah tobacco

What do you Smoke in a Hookah?

Hookah smoking is often viewed as a healthier alternative to smoking cigarettes. The claim is primarily due to the sweet smell and the taste of hookah tobacco. The social aspect involved in hookah pipe smoking makes it an occasional habit that addicts find difficult to avoid. However, there is no such thing known as healthy …

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woman smoking hookah

Hookah Smoking

For those who haven’t tried it, a Hookah Pipe is a great way to turn the experience of smoking into a more social one. A Hookah is a unique brand of pipe from Indian roots, which uses a charcoal-based heating mechanism to heat shisha or other flavours and then filters it through water before letting …

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