What are Shisha Pens? 

e-hookah penShisha pens are a popular alternative to regular hookah smoking and tobacco products. Shisha pens are cigarette-shaped pipes which vaporise flavoured liquids, providing a similar experience to regular cigarettes. All you do is load the pen with a capsule of your choice, switch it on, and it’ll create the vapour for you. 

The great thing about shisha pens is that they don’t contain any of the nasties you find in regular tobacco products. There’s no tar, carbon monoxide or other chemicals which damage the tissues of the lungs. Shisha pens appear to be much safer than their regular smoking counterparts. 

How Do Shisha Pens Work?

The way that shisha pens work is surprisingly simple. Unlike regular cigarettes, there’s no fire involved. Instead, the pen heats the vaping liquid, turning it into a vapour when you inhale. 

Every shisha pen contains a battery and a heating element. The battery supplies energy to the heating element which, in turn, heats the liquid in the tube. Shisha pens don’t warm the liquids to temperatures which would burn the user. They work instead by heating to the point just where it can become an easily-inhaled gas. 

Most shisha pens have three main components: a battery, a chamber with the vape liquid, and the heating element. When you suck in through the shisha pen, you activate the battery which warms the heating element and heats a tiny pocket of liquid. The liquid then turns into a gas and flows through the mouth, providing the user with a pleasant and satisfying experience. 

Some people worry that the batteries on shisha pens will run out quickly because of the amount of energy that they have to supply. Rarely, however, is that the case. Most shisha pens provide around six hundred puffs – enough to last a couple of days. 

Shisha pens also use LEDs to tell the user when to puff and when the device is heating up. Most use a colour-coded system, with red for stop and green for go. 

The benefits of shisha pens over traditional smoking instruments are remarkable. Shisha pens, as discussed, do not contain any of the toxins found in conventional tobacco products, like cigars and cigarettes.

Shisha pens are also not addictive since most vape liquids do not contain nicotine. 

Furthermore, shisha pens are not subject to the same rules and regulations as regular tobacco products in most places around the world. You can fire up a shisha pen without being asked to stop or move on (unless somebody mistakes it for smoking).

Do Shisha Pens Produce Second-Hand Smoke?

Shisha pens do produce a second-hand “smoke” of a sort. When a person breathes out after taking a puff, the water-based vapour spreads out into the surrounding atmosphere and can be breathed in by people nearby. However, shisha pens don’t produce the kind of toxic, hazardous second-hand smoke that you get with tobacco products. The evidence so far suggests that the direct health effects of vaping are small, and second-hand impact minimal. The people around you are not at risk if you decide to use a shisha pen. 

Are Shisha Pens Different From E-cigarettes?

The answer is yes and no. Shisha pens are not different from e-cigarettes in terms of construction. Both work using fundamentally the same underlying technology utilising a battery to power a heating element which heats a liquid. 

The difference, however, is in how you use them and the liquids that they heat. Shisha pens are purely for recreational activity and fun, whereas e-cigarettes are meant as replacements for people with nicotine addiction. E-cigarettes use nicotine-containing liquids, while shisha pens do not. 

Because they are replacement cigarettes, e-cigarettes require more maintenance and servicing. E-cigarette users use them much more than shisha pen.

Most shisha pens are disposable. You buy them, use them for a weekend and then dispose of them. 

People buy shisha pens because they are cheaper than smoking real cigarettes or hookah. If you want something that you can use again, then you’re better off opting for an e-cigarette. An e-cigarette is more expensive to buy upfront but could offer better value over the longer term, depending on how much you use it.