Hookah Smoking

lady Smoking Hookah pipeFor those who haven’t tried it, a Hookah Pipe is a great way to turn the experience of smoking into a more social one. A Hookah is a unique brand of pipe from Indian roots, which uses a charcoal-based heating mechanism to heat shisha or other flavours and then filters it through water before letting the users inhale it through a hose.

Beyond the tradition and unique design what really makes a Hookah pipe so unique is that unlike other alternatives it really is meant to be shared. The traditional hookah pipe can hold various hoses so that even with a single pipe various people can join in a session. Making it a great pick for any social smoker or people who in generally look forward to new experiences.

Hookah pipes, in general, have grown to become more and more popular due to the air of mystery and social aspect they bring. As well as the fact that its general simplicity makes it easy to load new and unique flavours and charcoals to the mix.

Is Hookah a Vapor or is it a Smoke?

Allowing the users to try out scented fruit flavours or even bolder ones like spicy red tobacco. But with the popularization of Hookah came another major question that many people still argue about, at the end of the day, is hookah a vapour or is it smoke? While pipes by default are associated with smoking Tabacco and the shisha loaded on Hookah pipes are in fact a form of tobacco. The argument for vapour makes more sense than one would expect at first. After all, unlike other pipes, a Hookah uses a water filtering system.

shisha tobacco

And in general, the look and texture of the inhalations resemble vapours. And that is because it does contain vapour, water boils very easily and the heat of the process is enough to make sure that some of the water in the basin does evaporate and as a result, brings that unique look to the Hookah inhalations. However just because it does contain vapour, it doesn’t mean it’s exclusively vapoured.

When we come down to the basics what you are consuming is the shisha itself, that’s what grants the unique flavour to Hookah pipes. And the system used is just heat, charcoal to be exact, so regardless of the presence of water or not Hookah works like any other pipe does, by burning tobacco. And as such it still is smoking no matter how you look at it.

While there is an undeniable presence of water vapour in the mix, it’s just an unavoidable side-effect from the heat on the water. And at its core Hookah is still smoking. The flavour of the shisha is fully in the smoke it generates from being burnt. And that is what you consume from the hose.

The vapour is overall a nice addition to the experience, but at the end of the day, Hookah is 100% smoking. Just a very unique and different way to smoke, which you can easily do with friends to enjoy a completely different evening.

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