What is a Hookah Pipe?

A hooker, by definition, is a water pipe with a smoke chamber, a hose, a bowl, and a pipe. Hookah is also known as Goza, argileh shisha, or narghile. A flavoured and sweetened tobacco is heated, and its smoke passes through water and then through a plastic hose to a mouthpiece. The process of preparing hookah is pretty straightforward. Burning charcoal is placed on a bowl, and the container is then placed on flavoured tobacco. A perforated aluminium foil is used to separate charcoal from tobacco.

Hakim Abdul FathSmoke is created when charcoal starts heating. A hose is then used to draw the smoke through the water chamber for cooling before inhaling the smoke. The tobacco is usually sweetened using molasses, fruits, or honey, whereas coffee, mint, or coconut are used to add flavour. Hookah is appealing to young people due to its aroma. In the 1600s, an Indian physician known as Hakim Abdul Fath devised the hookah. He wanted to eliminate the health risks posed by cigarette smoke by passing the smoke through water before inhaling. The water does not filter the toxic substances in the hookah pipe, and therefore smokers may end up inhaling more smoke than cigarette smokers.

Some advice is given to persons who wish to smoke shisha. One is advised to be selective on the type of charcoal to use for heating the tobacco. When smoking and the scent cannot be felt well, it means the charcoal is not correctly burning the tobacco. It is also advisable to consult your family members before buying shisha because it will consume a chunk of your time smoking.

Indian Social Class & Hookah

In India, People of a higher social class even smoke Goza, and therefore you need to check whether your social class allows you. When smoking shisha in cafes and bars, you must be cautious of those pipes because some people use them for other drugs that you may not like. Shisha smoking should observe some etiquettes, for instance, avoid blowing smoke towards people who do not smoke. Lastly, for your safety, your health, avoid sharing pipes.

  • Hooker smokers should be aware of some of the following health risks associated with it.
  • Pregnant women should never smoke shisha
  • Pipes used in hookah bars and cafes may not be improperly cleaned, pausing a significant risk of spreading infectious diseases like colds and oral herpes.
  • Due to the high nicotine content in hookah, it leads to addiction, just like cigarettes. Research shows that a person who smokes hookah for an hour may inhale nicotine equivalent to another smoking cigarette for a whole day.
  • Hookah smoking can cause high blood pressure, an elevated heart rate increases the risk of stroke and heart attack, in the long run, it could lead to oral and lung cancers as well as kidney failure.
  • Hookah smoke is highly toxic with a large composition of carcinogens, carbon monoxide, tar, and other heavy metal compounds. Some people give misleading information claiming the absence of resin in the hookah. This statement is far from the truth because tar becomes evident in tobacco when it is burnt or heated. Charcoal used for heating hooker emits carbon monoxide.