What is the Best Shisha Pipe Brand?

Best Shisha Pipe Brand: What is the Best Hookah in 2021?

Looking for the best hookah brands of 2021? Then you’re in the right place. If you want us to jump straight to it, our most recommended hookah set is the Fumo Pod Hookah.

If you want to learn more, including our list of top-rated modern hookah pipes, cheapest deals and our in-depth reviews written by passionate shisha experts, stick with us. We offer everything you need to know and you’ll soon be equipped with the highest quality shisha pipes and best hookah accessories ready for your next smoking session.

Modern Hookahs

Smoking shisha used to be an exclusive social activity. But thanks to modern manufacturers of today, you can smoke a shisha pen or pipe in your very own home.

With the advent of new technologies, materials, and innovative engineering, the shisha of today is a far cry from the traditional hookah that comes from Persia and the Middle East. Compact, smaller water pipes can be disassembled, offering easy storage and portability while providing a wide range of flavours for you to choose from.

Offering a myriad of different materials, innovations, and details, the best shisha pipe brands offer unlimited options for the modern shisha smoker. Most of the best shisha pipe brands even offer customizable pieces, offering leisure and satisfaction taken to further heights.

With the highest quality materials, the most impressive technologies, and handcrafted shishas, these top shisha brands are paving the way for the next generation of products that take the traditional shisha to the modern world.

What are the best Shisha Pipe Brands?

The Best Shisha Pipe Brands in the Market

Hi-End Glass Pipes Produced in Turkey
from £59.99

Oduman Shisha Pipes

Oduman may be new to the market, having only established in 2014, but they are quickly becoming one of the leaders in the shisha pipe industry. The brand specializes in premium high-end glass pipes, designed and produced in Turkey.

Oduman has also created their very own unique type of glass shisha pipes, which is well-known in the European market. They continue to excel in pushing towards a more modern and stylish feel, eliminating the more traditional look and design of the shisha.

In terms of materials, they only use handblown glass, stainless steel on all their metal parts, and a safe food-grade silicone on their hoses, which is easy to clean for long-lasting clean flavours. Users can add a touch of fruit inside the glass base, sprucing up the session for customers who love trying out flavours beyond what is traditionally used.

In line with their goal of modern products, they use CNC Cut Technology to give their stainless steel the best finish found anywhere in the industry. Only high-grade stainless steel and glassware-grade materials go into each pipe, which also go through quality assurance tests before being offered in the market.

Oduman is quickly becoming the flagship brand of many glass shisha products, pushing forward new innovations and only offering the best quality pipes for the most discerning of users.

lavoo hookahs UK
Elegant Design & uncompromising Functionality from £69.99

Lavoo Hookah

lavoo hookahs UKProudly made in the US, Lavoo is a shisha pipe company that offers more than just products, but a luxurious experience for its users. They are dedicated to crafting water pipes that offer the best smoking experience in the market, using the best-grade glass with super clarity and quality.

Each hookah is handmade in LA, where highly skilled glass artists create the critically-designed pipes to perfection. The company is based in the US but they offer worldwide shipping, striving to provide exclusive products with top-notch customer service. Lavoo is known to be a highly sought-after shisha pipe brand due to their great reputation and undeniable aesthetics.

Just like other brands on this list, Lavoo offers customers the opportunity to create custom-pipes where glass systems are interchangeable for a tailored experience. With design and function in mind, Lavoo’s pipes are optimized for maximum performance regardless of size and shape. With glass on glass connectors, their hookahs create an airtight seal and provide impressively smooth airflow. Hookah-master approved Lavoo guarantees to give you the smoothest smoke output.

Aside from shisha pipes, Lavoo also carries accessories and diffusers that supplement the whole water pipe experience.

fumo hookahs
Precision Engineered in the USA
from £69.99

Fumo Hookas

Fumo is one of those brands that put an emphasis on award-winning design coupled with state-of-the-art engineering. The brand’s slogan goes: Where quality materials meet design. These are not your ordinary water pipes – when you take a look at Fumo’s products, you will immediately be taken with the modern and futuristic designs, seemingly more fitting to be works of art rather than simple water pipes.

Fumo’s design aesthetics are not just face value, but their water pipes are actually the diamond standard in the industry, known for their quality, style, and performance. Their goal is always to exceed the customer’s expectations, designed for the lover and connoisseurs of shisha.

The company is dedicated to offering products that follow three principles, which are: simple in design, uncompromising quality, and a shared experience. The designs are minimalistic but elegant while adhering to the highest standards of craftsmanship. Shared experiences include a communal and traditional social experience, with most of their products designed for multi-use, rather than single-use water pipes.

The company is also known for its patented product, which is the Fumo POD. This is a tripod table stand that features a unique, contemporary style, clean performance, and powerful delivery.

Only handblown glass is used, high-grade stainless steel components and pharmaceutical-grade hosing are featured in their shishas, ensuring a taste-free and hygienic experience for all users.

While Fumo offers ready-made products, customers can choose different details to their order, such as changing the hose, glass bowls, and body of the shisha they wish to buy.

Merging high-grade materials, professional-grade functions, and innovative design, Fumo is recommended for the lover and connoisseur of the world’s most future-forward water pipes.

30 years of German Engineering for Guaranteed Quality from £59.00

Aladin Shisha

Aladin Shisha is one of the most recognizable names in the market. They have been around for many years, offering a broad range of products that have made them popular in Europe.

A German-based company, Aladin Shisha offers premium glass jars that are always paving the way for new technologies in the industry. One of their most popular collections is their Evolution line of shishas, which feature an evolutionary Stem Screw-In system rather than the traditional push systems of old school shishas. The result of this unique design is an air-tight seal, eliminating the need for rubber grommets.

Aladin Shisha has always been a historical player in the world of wholesale and manufacture of shishas in Europe. They are known for their innovative signature products, such as the Shaashii powder and their Bigg Ice Rockz. Every now and then, they launch a new innovation, one after another, always striving to shake the industry of water pipes.

With a dedication to making shisha pipes that last a lifetime, they only use the highest quality materials, such as rust-free steel, always produced with excellent craftsmanship.


An incredible shisha experience can’t be met with a regular hookah. If you want to experience a truly authentic, unforgettable, and high-quality shisha experience, you must only use the best products from the best shisha pipe brands in the world.

These top 4 brands featured on the list are some of the world’s most recognized and best-performing brands. Take your pick and get ready to be blown away by the smooth smoking experience brought about by these amazing shisha pipe companies.