Complete Beginners Shisha Guide

So you are thinking of starting out with hookah, but you have a lot of questions. Do not worry. We have all been there, and that is why we made this beginner shisha guidance, which needs to help you with what you are looking for.┬áLet’s assume that you do not know absolutely anything about the topic, so the very first question you would ask is, what is the hookah?

What Is Hookah?

It is a smoking device made for entertainment and enjoyment. You can easily find those with one hose fitting or multiple ones. This is not something new. Hookah originates from India, but now it is more than famous all around the world.

Beginners Shisha Tips

  1. Add ice in the base part

When you are preparing to smoke, try to make the water ice cold by adding some ice. The main reason for this is to make the smoking experience smoother. The other important thing is to learn how to set up your hookah and how to smoke it. Some of the people inhale the hookah smoke while others are doing the same thing as they do with the cigar.

  1. Never place charcoals at the bowl’s centre

When you are just about to start your move to smoke, try to avoid placing the charcoal at the bowl’s centre. Try to place it outside the bowl and work it around the bowl edges.

  1. Set up of aluminium foil

The very next thing is to set and drill aluminium foil properly. So to ensure it’s properly placed, take care of to place it shiny side facing down so the charcoal can heat it enough.

Once you pack the bowl, cut the square of aluminium foil and tight it over and around the top so that the surface is completely tight. Use some sharp thing like a needle to make small tiny holes in that foil.

  1. Coal tips for beginners shisha

First things first, before placing coal on the foil, make sure it is not covered by a layer of ash. Wondering why so? Because if you do not do this, the water will be contaminated by charcoal flavour.

  1. Put stronger flavour at bowl bottom

The other thing that you should bear in mind is that strong flavours need to be placed at the bottom of the bowl. The flavours above will easily pick up the strong scent of the below flavours.

  1. Cleaning of a hookah with water

Cleaning is a necessity, just like for any other item. Clean your hookah with pure water and a soft, gentle brush before using it, that is, every time after you are done with smoking. Cleaning at regular intervals – whenever it gets dirty – is a must. Disconnect every single part and clean them until they are streak-free.

The Takeaway

The entire experience will depend on your knowledge, so if you are a rookie, do not get disappointed if your first smoking is not that good as you imagined.

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