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With the decline of smoking in Western countries, people are looking for new ways to enjoy the age-old practice of inhaling gases into the lungs without any of the nasty consequences. Consumers don’t want tobacco products to the same degree they used to because of health concerns, so they are looking elsewhere for alternatives. Read More



A modern take on an ancient tradition Shisha pipe, shisha pens deliver the shisha experience with small, ergonomic electronic devices that vaporise the flavoured shisha liquid inside. With none of the carbon monoxide, tar, or other potentially harmful ingredients found in shisha tobacco, it’s becoming popular as much healthier, addiction-free alternative. Here, we’re going to look all you need to know about shisha pens.

How shisha pens work

People have been smoking shisha from hookahs for hundreds of years now, but it was the invention of the e-cigarette in 2003 that paved the way for this last revolution. Also known as hookah pens, these devices heat the liquid contained inside to evaporate them. Liquids without nicotine, such as e-shisha, can be safely inhaled through the mouthpiece. Because no materials such as shisha tobacco are being burned, you’re not getting any of the harmful toxins produced when that combustion happens.

The liquid is kept in what’s commonly called an atomizer, containing a heating element powered by a battery. Depending on the pen you choose, it actives when you either inhale at the mouthpiece or press in a button, with an LED to show when the heating element in working. Since shisha pens can contain over 500 puffs per filled atomizer, it’s much easier to keep using, too.

The healthier alternative to hookah

As well-loved a tradition as hookah is, it does come with some health risks. The tobacco that is burned and smoked through the water pipe releases harmful substances when combusted. In fact, it has been suggested in some studies that smoking hookah is up to a hundred times more harmful than the average tobacco cigarettes, with more carcinogen exposure, more carbon monoxide, and a greater exposure to toxic heavy metal particles.

Shisha pens are quickly becoming popular for delivering the same relaxing, indulgent sensation, but without any of the risk. A liquid is vaporised, rather than burning solid material, and there’s no tobacco, meaning that you’re not inhaling any nicotine, any tar, or any of the other toxins associated with hookah.

Why choose a shisha pen?

Shisha pens and e-shisha bring a range of advantages over the traditional shisha tobacco experience that can be quite harmful. These include the following:

  • Non-addictive: Hookah tobacco and regular cigarettes both contain nicotine, which is the primarily addictive. Nicotine free disposable shisha pens don’t have that risk.
  • No toxins: Without tar, carbon monoxide, or other toxins in the e-shisha liquid, and the lack of a need to combust tobacco, shisha pens offer much less of a health risk than cigarettes or shisha tobacco.
  • No second-hand smoke risk: With no nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide or other toxins, not only is the hookah pen safer to use for yourself, but it also dissipates in the air much more quickly, meaning that it proves no risk to others, too.
  • Can be used almost anywhere: In many social spaces, smoking cigarettes or any kind of tobacco can be restricted or illegal. Though some public spaces, like airports, do not permit e-shisha or e-cigarettes, they are not as widely frowned upon or restricted.
  • More cost effective: You get many more puffs per portion of shisha liquid compared to the tobacco, yet their cost is often around the same. As such, you will spend less and be able to enjoy much more shisha before needing to replace it.
  • No odours: E-shisha smoke disperse quickly and contains no tar, meaning that there may be a fragrance in the air shortly after exhaling, but it doesn’t cling to fabrics like regular tobacco smoke.
  • Convenient and easy to use: So long as your pen is charged and you have the liquid in it, all you have to do is hold in the button or inhale (depending on the type of pen) and it will work without issue. Since shisha pens are small, they’re discreet, as well.

Is it the same thing as an e-cigarette?

Though the technology behind e-cigarettes is the same as is used in shisha pens, they are used for different purposes.

Cigarette smokers tend to use e-cigarettes as a means to wean themselves off of tobacco cigarettes for health purposes, as part of a plan for quitting. However, e-cigarettes tend to still contain nicotine. While many smokers do cut down the nicotine level of their e-cigarette, the nature of that addiction in the first place can make it difficult to do so. Furthermore, e-cigarettes are designed for repeated use.

Conversely, shisha pens are designed to be disposed of after the liquid inside has run out. Furthermore, shisha is more frequently enjoyed as a social indulgence and for more recreational means. Shisha smokers do not hit the hookah pipe as frequently as smokers smoke cigarettes. As such, the nicotine hit is not as much of a draw and, therefore, shisha pens do not include nicotine. 

Is there nicotine in e-shisha?

In most cases, shisha pens do not have nicotine. It’s important to make sure you check the product description based on who you buy from. As such, there’s usually no need to worry about the risk of addiction or some of the other health impacts associated with nicotine.

Some people do use e-cigarettes to break their addiction to tobacco and, as a result, may prefer to have some limited nicotine exposure when they’re vaping. If that’s your aim, then shisha pens may not be for you. They’re more designed towards recreation and social situations.

Are shisha pens reusable?

Unlike e-cigarettes, hookah pens are designed to deliver over 500 puffs before they are disposed of. Not only does this make them more convenient and more cost-effective than smoking hookah pipe or traditional cigarettes, but you don’t have to worry about finding replacement parts as you do with e-cigarettes.

Are shisha pens right for you?

If you’re looking for a convenient, easy-to-use device that delivers the same sensation of smoking hookah, but without the health risk or the expense, then shisha pens could be the perfect thing for you. However, if you’re trying to quit cigarettes and want a reusable device to help you manage your nicotine levels, they may not be. Hookah pens are designed to deliver relaxing, flavourful experiences and they are, without a doubt, the best choice for that.